Training & Software

TRAINING Globee Telemapping Indonesia provides various Geospatial Training such as: UAV data acquisition and processing Basic GIS Training Aerial photogrammetry digitation training GNSS survey and data processing Etc Our training curriculum and modules are adjusted for our customers/clients based on their necessity also knowledge background. SOFTWARE 01. Summit UAS   Summit UAS Toolkit Includes: LandScape: [...]
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Geospatial Information System

01. Web GIS In its simplest form, web GIS can be defined as any GIS that uses web technology to communicate between a server and a client. By utilizing the Internet to access information over the web, web GIS introduces distinct advantages over traditional desktop GIS, including the following: global reach, large number of users, [...]
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Survey, Mapping and Data Processing

01. STEM3D (STEREO ENABELED MAPPING - 3D) Stereo Enable Mapping 3D (STEM3D) is mapping solution combining UAV photogrammetry, UAV LiDAR, Stereo-Enabled Data Processing to produce detailed 3D Map and features.  Combination of several survey and data processing methods are proven to be cost effective and project efficient as it accumulate all of its advantages in [...]
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